Oh hey, I'm David Chico Pham.

I am a Senior Data Privacy Engineer at The Washington Post. I'm a self-taught dev with an unconventional perspective -- my background is in history and sociology. The blend of humanities and technology gives me a distinctive viewpoint in my field and craft.

As a first-generation American, a Mid-Western, working class, mixed race Buddhist, I didn't fit in growing up. Community, to me was a strange abstract that I didn't get. As it turns out, there is not such thing as Community™. Rather, it's how we related to one another and how we treat each other that makes community meaningful.

In my spare time I work on making sourdoughs bread, I tinker with old ipods, and I play a lot Destiny 2 -- Warlock main. You can find me on various online platforms & communities.

You can find out more about me, what I use, the books that I have been reading and what I am up to now.

Chico was my nickname in school.

Recent Writing

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Recent Thoughts

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    April 14, 2024
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    October 19, 2022

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Recent Amplifications

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