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Branching off from Aram and PhotoGabble

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I really liked my friend, and colleague, Aram Zucker-Shraff was doing with his site, aramzs.xyz. I wanted to do something like it for a long while, but every time I sat down to build the darn thing, it was just too much -- also kids, work, and making bread took a lot my time. So I've forked it, shamelessly. A little of bit of me feels like I'm stealing. However, I remind myself that the main means of learning starts with copying those who you admire. So fuck it.

Original post by Aram:

This post marks the point at which I'm branching off from the great work done over at PhotoGabble. I've been working on the site for a bit and adding some of my own features and types for the type of writing and content I want to create.

This is exciting as another major site project I've been itching to launch.

What does this change? A few major things! It adds "amplify", a content type for linking to and amplifying good work elsewhere. This sits alongside "noteworthy" which deals with interesting links where I have something to say and "bookmarks" which are links I want to keep around and perhaps comment on. Amplify links are intended purely for sharing links without comment.

I added a page of "Words", which is just fun words I had to look up and I want to reuse. This is different from the "glossary" which is for working words that I use and reference in writing on the site.

I changed "quotes" to "resources/quotes". Previously this was a data file that rendered all the quotes to a single page. Now it is a content type that can be used to create individual pages for each quote. I leveraged that to pull all the highlights I made in my Kindle books and put them into the site.

Similarly I changed film and TV from a joined data file to individual files that I can pull out of data exports from stuff like Letterboxd and maybe Serializd. As part of that process I query up metadata and images from TMDB and add that to the pages.

I've also added a "resources/music" type which mirrors my feed from Song Obsessed, which is my blog on music.

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